As Northwest As You Can Drive Without Leaving The Country

Ask locals of Washington's Olympic Peninsula where to go to be impressed and they'll point you to Cape Flattery. Between its jade ocean waters, playful sea otters, and sunset-painted trees, it's hard to imagine there's anyone who wouldn't fall in love.


Realness from the Road

Let's be real. I found myself gritting my teeth and shaking my head in irritation today. It's not the first time. We are, I think, three days behind schedule, now. And really it's for "no good reason." Except it is a good reason because the whole point of road travel is exploration. And we've surely … Continue reading Realness from the Road

Like a Turd of Hurdles

We're not even off. It's 6:00 a.m. --the time we were aiming to leave the house pristine (well, as pristine as we do 'round here) for out housekeeper--and here we are, the truck not packed, the bodies we changed the oil in (me, actually! For the first time) still dirtied, the phones still updating, external … Continue reading Like a Turd of Hurdles