Dear Women,

To all of you, women or girls of fire, bird or heart, Happy International Women’s Day!


A Kitchen with a View

I want our kitchen to be an open space, and our sink to have a view. I want to look out over the counter tops to see you on the floor with our children, educating them with play. You’ll build towers, drive cars, cuddle our girls’ dolls, sail boats in the air. You’ll wrap the…

The Woman Who Bathes

I want to be the type of woman to take a bath at the end of every Sunday, after we’ve shared the last homemade nourishing meal with our offspring, the summer light fading. We’ll bathe the children first and sometimes, after, you’ll join me when their dream-filled breath joins the hum of the breeze flowing through…

About The RAMBLE | Woman

I began The RAMBLE — a travel blog– back in January, planning to grow it into my own unique little publication thing. Yet as I’ve shared the vision with friends and family I’ve been encouraged to share not only travel-related writings, but some of my innermost heart pourings shared in conversation. It’s been somewhat of a calling but…

Flight advice from a bee

I was reminded by my buzzing buddy of the importance of “practice flights” and starting local. He didn’t give up when he didn’t make it past my palm. He kept going just a little further each time. It’s as if he was a little messenger, reminding me, “Test your gear. Test your wits. Test your abilities. Then soar.”