“Are you sure you should post that blog? Employers might see it.”

This past fall, I took some valuable lessons from PR and branding guru, Jess Weiner. I couldn’t be happier that her course served as a metaphorical cake topper to my college experience at USC. We were forced to examine three of our core values, and while I might have done some unofficial revision since completing that assignment, it shed some light into what I want people to get from this blog.

Vulnerability is huge on the list. It might even be the thing.

See, when I’ve read other travel blogs that are successful (and one day, I hope The Ramble Blog will be among them) I’ve missed a touchable person to grab on to. I see successful bloggers talking about resorts or products and while I hope one day to do that, too, I don’t hear as much as I’d like about the struggles of what it took to get there, or to now be at the level of success that they are, reflecting on where they have once been and how they have overcome obstacles.

Maybe it’s just me, but I often leave the most impressive travel blogs feeling deflated, asking myself how that can ever be me with (insert “excuses” here).

When I started The Ramble Blog, I wanted to give a peek into those struggles and how I am finding success. I wanted to write a lot more about the process of getting started as a writer, editor and blogger and not just give the highlight reel.

So, when I felt I did poorly on my first ever professional editing test, I wanted to share a humorous yet honest blog entry about it–a sort of listicle on what not to do going into an editing test as an amateur, focusing on making assumptions, having unrealistic expectations, and packing on the pressure before even beginning.

Yet, discussing this and similar entries, the question comes up: “Are you sure you should post that blog? Employers might see it.”

I can’t ignore the question.

At the heart of it, I am a relatively unconfident person despite hearing that at times I come across as quite the opposite. It’s usually those “confident” times that I feel the most insecure. I just tell myself what I learned in a speech class: Pretend you’ve got it all together, because no one but you is going to know otherwise.

And isn’t confidence the content of cover letters and interviews? I mean, these corporations want to see your spotlight personality. I always feel a bit like I’m tap dancing and should end more along the lines of “tah dah!” or “BAAM!” than, “Thank you for your consideration.”

Anyway, here in my blog, I wanted to show folks that it’s okay to doubt as long as you continue trying. It’s okay to be unable to stare your strengths in the face because it’s too scary some days. Our own power can at times be intimidating if it means we’re about to rise to a new level.

So here I am with two goals: I want a blog chock full of vulnerability and to raise my post number with content that feels genuine and as open as a book can be; and I also want to get a job—a process which requires only my best foot be put forward. Are the two opposing? Only time will tell.


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