Help me, Honda!

I probably shouldn’t have purchased it. I’m a recent, financially independent college grad still without a job. But I was about to be in my gorgeous best friend’s wedding and I could either pay $90 for my makeup to be done once, or put that cash toward being able to do my own for the wedding, my upcoming graduation ceremony in May, and interviews where my confidence could use the boost of feeling ultra put together.

My cheap stuff had been lifted on March 23 when, nervous for a job fair at my alma mater, I left my small makeup bag in the restroom—along with the card holder containing my debit card, two credit cards, and driver’s license.

I spent $300 at Sephora to “replace” the cheap stuff with great product that’d go above and beyond for my two upcoming special events. Tarteiste Pro eye palette, Too Faced contouring kit, my Diorskin Forever foundation, benefit under-eye concealer, another under-eye brightening product, a too-expensive but gorgeous golden eye pencil, the perfect reusable falsies etc.

I used it for the wedding. And, arriving home exhausted after a 6-hour drive home with the company of a check engine light I know is telling me I need $1,000 of work to cover new seals, a rocker arm, and whatever else ought to be fixed while they’re that deep in there, I left my toiletry bag in the back seat to be retrieved later.

Two days (and I promise a shower) later, my poor ’04 Honda Element (named Scout) was broken into in Long Beach and $710 worth of belongings including all that new makeup and my trusty ol’ makeup brushes was stolen from my car: the air mattress and sheets I had slept on to reduce hotel room costs; the hair dryer I had just replaced 6 months earlier when my old one died; $150 or more in Jamberrry nail decals mostly earned from party sales over a year ago (I am usually pretty thrifty); my $70-per-bottle signature scent—Tocca Florence and more. All “treats” that last me a long time.

The thief left my hair brush among the shattered glass though. Because they figured I’d maybe need to brush the two hairs I’ll have left after I pull it all out.

So I’m reaching out to the Helpful Honda people to see if they can help out (in any capacity) a struggling recent college graduate who loves her orange adventuremobile. A fixed window, replacement cosmetics, a hug.

Help me Honda. Help! Help me, Honda!


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