Whole30 + 1

“How much longer do you have?” several friends asked yesterday. 

“How much longer?” my mom asked today.

“I dunno. I think it’s day 26 or something,” I said.

Yeah. So, it’s day 31. When I announced this, Mom asked what I was going to reintroduce, and I looked at the time. It’s almost dinnner and aside from the ice cream or candy I want, I can’t think of any reason I’d need to re-introduce anything just because I can. 

I have the opportunity to be as detailed as I want in this phase. I could, for instance, reintroduce peanuts one day, go back on Whole30 for a couple days, then reintroduce sesame seeds etc. 

The funniest thing is that at the beginning of this adventure, I thought for sure that by this time I’d be ready to stuff my face with anything and everything I’d “denied” myself. 

The craving list remains: chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, chocolate, any sweet, creamy, delicious iced Starbucks latte, and chocolate. Starting to think maybe chocolate should never be consumed again. Clearly it’s an addiction.

I’m actually really excited to reintroduce categories and find what my problem foods are and which don’t affect me. Then I’ll do a nightshade-only elimination for 30 days. 

Here we go on phase two! 


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