Day Whatever

I’ve become used to this thing.

Except I feel a bit reclusive. A friend and I were going to grab dinner together. They suggested Korean BBQ and I at first said yes, but requested a name of the place so I could look up what I could have on the menu. It occurred to me while looking at the menu that the meats prepared in front of me would likely be in touch at some point with marinade including soy and, likely, sugar. Rain check on the Korean BBQ.

Sure, I bet there are lots of places I could go to eat out, but we opted to cook over at my friend’s house, and prepared Whole30’s Thai Red Beef Curry with Green Beans. It was delicious, and was had more fun catching up while the food cooked, anyway.

Donut schmonut, but I’m still yearning for creamy, dairy-based sweets, given a combination of circumstances: Visual appearance of sweet, creamy deliciousness + hunger = disaster. If I’m fed and see the product somewhere, it sounds good, but I don’t necessarily want it. If I see it when I need a meal, I’m pretty resentful that I can’t just drive to the nearest Salt & Straw and get the foodiest flavor of the month (like this month’s Chocolate Caramel Potato Chip Cupcake). Stupid Whole30.

Never one for cake. Cheesecake though? I’m ready. And all the chocolate.

I’m going to have to do a bit more looking into the specifics of how I’m feeling. Right now, aside from feeling physically lighter (OMG I can tolerate looking at my naked body in the mirror again), I don’t feel much of a change in the areas I was most hoping this lifestyle change would facilitate. Maybe I’ll increase the water intake a bunch and workout a bit more (read: workout, period) and see if that changes anything.

It could be that I didn’t cut out nightshades, and actually, I might have increased my intake of a greater variety of them, and, according to the book, those tend to contribute to inflammation. Come to think of it, it’s been a few days since I woke up with stiff joints (don’t say that’s just age).

I think I’m going to go to Starbucks and try a new coffee—one of their special ones—while grocery shopping. I’ve stopped drinking it since Friday. My roomie (aka, Mom/bestie) has been out of town and thus hasn’t made coffee. I’m out of the coconut milk I said I wasn’t going to put in it anymore, but have continued to mix. It’s been the perfect time to let it go a bit. But at a friend’s house the other day, I was asked if I wanted coffee, and the cup tasted so nice, even just black. So I figure if I’m a true coffee enthusiast, now’s a good time to sample different beans from different regions to get a sense of their flavor all on their own, without added milks and flavorings to cloud them out.

That coconut milk mocha macchiato, though. Listen to this: “Chilled Sumatran coconut milk, white chocolate mocha, and Espresso roast combine with caramel drizzle and a swirl of mocha to create five perfectly-balanced layers of espresso sweetness in every sip.”

I so can’t wait for sugar reintroduction day! Doesn’t that drink sound like a good choice for such a day?


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