Dear Women,

I’m in the middle of a blank page. I can write upon it anything I want, and yet as if I have that awful ailment that is writer’s block, I am staring at the blank space, finding it difficult to move forward. It’s International Women’s Day—a day to recognize the women we look up to.

I spend a lot of time feeling more like a girl than a woman and I think a lot of that has to do with confidence. But it also has a lot to do with looking every day at the women I admire, appreciating the little details and quirks in their personalities that make them unique.

There are fire women who don’t-give-a-fuck. Women who do whatever they want and pay little attention to others. If it’s a career prospect, they get in and kick ass. If it’s a personal curiosity about a sport or activity, they jump in and are experts from the start. If they’re parents, they know their way is the best way, because there are few wrong ways to parent and they embrace that wholeheartedly not just for the benefit of themselves, but to share with other women. Beneath the surface of these women are hearts who know that to give their best to others, they need to also give the best to themselves. This strength radiates. It’s like a chili pepper tingle all over the soul when surrounded by these incredible go-getting women. They invigorate and inspire.

There are heart-driven women and they are magical. They possess a vulnerability that overrides the flavor of don’t-give-a-fuck in their personalities. Whether it’s sending thank you notes promptly and sometimes for no reason at all, truly doing a majority of the entertaining and work at a party while others enjoy their creation, a strong ability to listen, or, what’s more, empathize and mobilize to change things for those they see affected. Their care is the scent of warm butter and brown sugar; their friendship makes any house your home.

There are bird women—free spirits who not only leap but continue to glide into new experiences and opportunities, who embrace change and seem to gravitate towards it. They love without abandon no matter how many times it hurts, and they’ve got more where it comes from. They’re ready to be there for others at almost any cost to their own well-being because they have enough soul to replenish not only the broken-hearted, but their own broken hearts. They’re healers. They have heart, but they have something of the power of the world inside them too.

There’s a little bit of every woman inside all of us. That is what unites us, no matter our personal ethics, political views, or religious beliefs, and that is precisely what gives me comfort when I’m feeling like a 31-year-old girl. There are all these amazing traits just waiting to be uncovered. I keep looking to you.

To all of you, women or girls of fire, bird or heart, Happy International Women’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Dear Women,

  1. Beautiful! At 54, I too still feel more like a girl than a woman. I think some of us never outgrow that feeling. I like to think it’s because we are young at heart….of just maybe we refuse to grow up.

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