Cookies. That’s pretty much all I’ve got for ya, today. It’s all that’s on my mind.

That and painting. I’m painting my living room, wall by wall. Because, baby steps. Mom’s not painted the room in 12 years, so it was time. I picked out a color called fossil gray—it’s basically the color of fog. I always think of the fog as a sort of hug from the air–the way it envelopes the skin. I just can’t help but be relaxed when it’s all misty and grey out. There’s something about not being able to see too far ahead that slows me down and places me even more in the moment, and even more in my own personal experience than ususal. Now it’ll be foggy in my house every day. I think that’s a good thing for a gal just out of college, looking at what she wants in life.

Anyway, I made “teriyaki” chicken and “rice” today. By rice, I mean cauliflower. My mind had convinced itself it was having the real thing, so when I got the substitute past my lips, my tongue was pretty unhappy. This wasn’t that grainlike flavor we wanted—it was . . . planty. Turns out it was just a mental thing. Once I lied to myself, it tasted just like real deal.

But, seriously, I usually like riced cauliflower. I think my body is just really tired of not getting the usual stuff it gets. And honestly, the “teriyaki” I whipped up from coconut aminos and coconut oil, a juiced orange, garlic powder and salt was pretty darn tasty. I’d do it again and again.

For a girl who’s rambling on a lot about food these days, I’m feeling a bit lighter. The organ known as skin, however, continues to be more irritated than usual. I’m praying it’s just detoxification and that by the end of the Whole30 I’ll see a radiant, far less itchy existence. Truth be told, I’m starting to think this is one of my stupid allergy symptoms and that I’m going to have to find other solutions to my problem than simply changing my diet.

Do you think cookies could help that?


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