Woke up feeling much better today than the past two, still having some residual body aches. Coffee, even with coconut cream just isn’t cutting it. I want the damn sugar, and that pisses me off.

It may be a kill-all-the-things kind of day, but I want all of the donuts I pass by while entering the convenience store to grab a sparkling water, and I don’t even really eat donuts while off the Whole30.  Pretty sure I just want to lick off all the icing and sprinkles. Forget that dough stuff.

I want cheesecake. I want ice cream. I want chocolate. I want a milkshake. I want fried chicken. That’s about all my wants. I think dairy and sugar are my worst enemies, and this makes sense. I’ve always been a keep-your-enemies-closer kinda gal.

Anyway, here’s a story about today’s sabotage: Walked into Whole Foods for coconut aminos and a price check on coconut milk and cream. Saw a platter of cheese samples—white delicious creamy cubes stacked one on top of the other with a little pair of tongs just begging me to sample. My hand reached out reflexively. Cheese is off your list, my stupid brain reminded me. Hand fell back to side.

No, where I went off was the salad and hot bar. I checked every ingredient and was so proud of myself when I went to the dressing station and opted for olive oil, basalmic vinegar, lemon juice and a little drizzle of liquid aminos. They tasted surprisingly like soy sauce and I was so excited I was there to buy them. When we finally found the coconut aminos they were in a slightly different location than the Bragg’s I had sampled earlier. One look at the ingredients and it’s understandable why. Bragg’s aminos is made from soybeans. Something I’m not supposed to have at all on the Whole30. Coconut aminos are just . . . coconut tree sap.

At least I didn’t touch the cheese.


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