Feeling the Burn

I woke up yesterday feeling as if a truck crushed my entire body like the smashed potatoes I’ve been eating.

I thought it was residual fatigue from yoga, but as my shirt rubbed across my neck and it felt like a hundred tiny bee stings, I realized it must be the flu or something else. Still, I persevered, went for a paddleboard, fell in, and drowned my phone in the process (I’m blaming the body being subpar).

The day before my face was broken out and burning. Benadryl was necessary, and I avoid that stuff like the plague because it’s basically a sleeping pill for me.

At this point I’m wondering if it’s the nightshades I’m leaning on in just about every recipe causing the issue. Or eggs. You’re encouraged to cut those out if you deal with inflammation. I’m one to have joint pain. Shrug.

I’m considering a second round of Whole30 after this one, cutting those out—painful as it would be, because I simply adore peppers and I can’t imagine what this whole thing would be like without eggs.

It’s not normal to have such body aches on the program. It is normal to have breakouts, but not hives. Apparently people with autoimmune or other underlying issues see them get worse before better while on the Whole30, and I have been tested for autoimmune diseases a couple years ago when I went in complaining of join pain in my toes waking me up when my sheet dragged over them. All was negative, but maybe there’s just enough of an “underlying issue” to be worsening in my joints and skin so that it’s going downhill before improvement?

Or it could be something the program (and psychology) calls attention bias.  I’m trying to blame the program, but maybe I’m just sick. For the third time in three months. Because, stress.

I had a smoothie for breakfast because the thought of eating sounded really disgusting. Drinking fruits, though, sounded good.

It’s the first day I didn’t have coffee. I “splurged” the day I found out my cat has cancer, and came home and made a cup with a decent serving of coconut cream blended in. I had been |thisclose| to saying “eff this!” and going to Chick Fil-A for a milkshake to comfort myself. So, coffee with a good two tablespoons of unsweetened coconut cream it was. I was still technically being good, because I didn’t add the unsweetened cocoa powder I wanted. I knew that I’d really be psychologically sabotaging if I did.

I really miss chocolate. I think I’ll end there.


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