You are what you eat?

Sometimes life falls behind schedule when it was already behind schedule. 

Alas, a post looking at days 8,7 and 6 of my Whole30 adventure.

Basically, I’m perfectly in sync with this Whole30 timeline, which means days 6 and 7, I was a zombie. 

I paced my house cooking meals and cleaning the kitchen and offering my cat homemade chicken broth, canned food, kibble, or water every 15 minutes or so. It is also safe to say I could not focus for the life of me. Except maybe on my ailing cat. 

Today, I feel like sausage smashed into the tube that is my skin.

Yeah. Pretty.

I guess you are what you eat. But I’ve had zero pig over the past 10 days.  No sausage, even! 

Just a month away from being in my friend’s wedding, I’ve now entered the lovely phase wherein I get to feel like I’ve gained weight without allowing myself to step on a scale. It’s standard, apparently, but that doesn’t make being zen any easier. 

Guess I’ll just keep taking to my happy place at the kitchen counter, chopping up veggies, healthy fats and proteins, chanting om. . .  nom nom, and see how the rest goes. 

PS: New discovery! I am addicted to the concoction that is a latte, not to coffee itself. I could officially go without the bittersweet stuff, but add even just unsweetened coconut cream in there and get it all thick and frothy and I’m prowling my kitchen cupboards for the cocoa powder I’m discouraged from having because apparently sugar addicts find any way to get their fix. No more coconut cream in coffee for me. 


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