Eating my Words

I cackled through sobs—laughter on the exhale, sniffle on the in—while leaving my cat at the vet for some tests. My mom had just suggested we grab a beer during the 45-minute wait.

I cried at everything today. From morning to night. While the Whole30 website says this is the day that people usually experience the “kill ALL the things” phase, I apparently need extra cuddles and to cry it out.

Some of today’s tearjerkers:

  • Emma Stone sitting front row at the Oscars,
  • My imaginary story line of The Secret Life of Pets,
  • The kindness of my cat’s veterinarian.

I’m sure there was a car commercial or something in there somewhere.

Otherwise. . . I’m feeling like I’m gaining weight rather than losing (apparently this is normal). Also, my case of a “hangover” was basically textbook Whole30 days 2-3, just manifesting on day 4.

Hero of today: grapes, carbonated water.

This still doesn’t feel too hard. I have a hunch I’ll soon be eating my words.


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