Telepathic Cookie

“Think actively about transferring the full experience of eating a cookie from your mind, to mine.” Words that actually came out of my mouth today. And I paid for the experience.

I bought my mom the three Subway chocolate chip cookies I asked her to eat in front of me so I could live vicariously through her. For a brief moment I could taste the buttery dough and sugar mid-palate. It reminded me of being a child playing with my Playschool kitchen in the Colorado snow, eating bits of the white frosty stuff, calling out the snow flavors I was experiencing with my friend. Fun experiment to file under wishful thinking.

Needless to say, I miss added sugars the most. In fact, I actually accidentally sabotaged again on day 3. I couldn’t remember if I had seasoned my burger patties before vacuum sealing them some time ago. Once I bit into the burger I knew I had. Worcestershire and—who’dathunkit—seasoning salt have sugar!

Bought oodles of hamburger to remedy the situation and am excited to try my hand at brining my own pork belly to transform it into the magical meat that is bacon—without the often-added sugar.

Speaking of breakfast food, I woke up feeling like I had a whopping hangover, which is totally not fun when you’ve not consumed an ounce of booze. This caffeine thing, though? I’ve yet to decide if it’s the dairy, “sugar,” or the combination of the two that I miss from my coffee. I’m missing little else I thought I might.

There are, however, false misses! Soda is one of them, and is definitely a ceremonial thing. Go to the fridge, reach for the can. Go to the hardware store checkout line, grab a bottle. Even where someone else’s soda is set can throw me for a loop. For instance, a soda in “my” cupholder in the car versus the passenger’s almost had me in an accidental moment. Thank god for soda water, though. Those bubbles and that bit of “flavor” keep me alive.

Note: the featured image is of yet another brunch because, while I wanted to share a picture of the bunless burger I topped with grilled onion, avocado, tomato, and a blueberry basalmic vinaigrette reduction, I also wanted to eat. Immediately. By the time I thought about a camera, all there was left to capture was some blueberry burger juice on the plate. Will try again tomorrow.


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