Sweet Sabotage

It was accidental. I was so hungry, I just wanted to make something filling to eat ASAP. There were potatoes. There was bouillon. I didn’t read the label of the sodium-free crap I used to boil the potatoes in before mashing. When I woke up this morning, I just wanted to make sure.

First ingredient: sugar. *facepalm*

The root issue is that I didn’t do the whole purge-the-house and rearrange-your-ingredients thing before starting. I also didn’t plan what meals I’d like to prep for the week. So, basically I got a bunch of things that were missing a bunch of things to make a full meal. For example, lettuce. It might be good with a dressing. But that would have required lemons. . . .

I can already foresee having to control my starches. It feels like my stomach doesn’t really know what to do with processing a meal sans starch or grain. I’m full for all of five minutes after eating and then my body goes into this weird state. It like when soda pop first fizzles on your tongue and the roof of your mouth, and that feeling stays there perpetually, but in my belly.

Or, it’s like my stomach is preparing to whine but knows it won’t do it any good. Like, you know when you need to cry but you refuse to let it go? Yeah, that’s it. My stomach is silently crying.

But here’s a thing: Less itchy!

Will weigh and measure self today. Won’t post, but will let you know the difference in the end. Maybe.


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