Meet Scout: The Elemental Adventuremobile

Scout Happy-Joy Johnson. That’s the name of my car. The car that I own. The first car I’ve ever purchased by my own volition and have held the title to.

I’m the typical hyper-vigilant parent. I woke up this morning and wanted to go start her up just to make sure she was still alive. I exerted self-control and when I finally went to check on her several hours later, I saw a little scratch and was about to kick some ass. Then I realized that she is adopted and I need to get used to all her freckles. I haven’t been around to see them pop up.

Ok, but seriously, I am in love with this car. (Yes, I’ve sent friends pictures).

Scout is a 2004 Honda Element with 133,000 miles, in pretty great condition. I’ve already made my first repair, which was tightening the latch for her passenger-side doors. Next she’ll need a new driver-side visor clip, but that’s no biggie. Other than that she’s pretty amazing both inside and out. A true beauty. (Thanks Greater Motor Sports of Fontana).

To get real, I’m super excited to own this car. I fell in love with its plastic interior and the ease of getting the second row seating either up off the floor or entirely out of the car. For a while, I had been toying with the idea of purchasing a work van. I’ve been following some of you vanlifers and it is definitely a direction I would one day like to go—perhaps with a bus and a brood (don’t steal the handle!). But when I, the soon-to-be college graduate and hopeful reporter of some kind imagined myself arriving to a possible place of work in what folks around L.A. call a rape van, I couldn’t stomach it—particularly knowing that I could have, with this girl, everything I need to feel sophisticated but sporty in the city and also the opportunity to create a platform to provide everything necessary for solo travels—maybe even a guest sleeper.

So that’s what I plan to do. I’m going to be lookin’ at y’all for inspiration as I have been, and brainstorming what I can do to create an easy-to-assemble-and-disassemble platform that provides both comfort and convenience. I imagine with the clamshell rear this’ll be pretty great.

Tag me for any ideas you think I should consider!

Here’s to the true beginning of so many wonderful travels to share here!


2 thoughts on “Meet Scout: The Elemental Adventuremobile

  1. I am so happy for you!!!! It is very true we develop emotional connections with our vehicles. They go on many journeys with us and see and hear more than anyone else in our lives. May you live long and prosper together!

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