Realness from the Road

Let’s be real. I found myself gritting my teeth and shaking my head in irritation today. It’s not the first time.

We are, I think, three days behind schedule, now. And really it’s for “no good reason.” Except it is a good reason because the whole point of road travel is exploration. And we’ve surely done that.

But we do have a time frame and the more we lollygag, the more we’ll have to shave off the end.

It’s exactly the dilemma I could have predicted. My mother is the go-with-the-flow woman, and I am the gimme the plan, ma’am.

Also, we had different schedules written out. She had us in Santa Rosa, Arizona while I had us in Santa Rosa, New Mexico (the correct destination). So, here we are and I am really resisting the whole idea that we are not anywhere near where we need to be.

In 7 hours, we have driven 2 hours and 15 minutes. And not because of traffic. No. When we’ve driven it’s been smooth sailing at about 80 miles per hour.

Aside from exploration, what has taken so much time? What could we have possibly forgotten to tally in?

Well, for starters, I think we have spent at least 2 hours of every day on the road “perfecting” our vehicle turned home for the month. No biggie. It’s a must. We just didn’t calculate that into our days!

And then there’s the “quick” work time which turns into a few hours.

In other news, I am showered, and it didn’t cost a thing.


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