Expect the Unexpected

Nope. We didn’t leave at 10:00 a.m. We left at 3:00 p.m., nine hours behind schedule and just in time for massive Los Angeles holiday traffic jams. But you know what? We were off!

And then Sedona was bewitching. She cast a spell on us and we ended up staying with the energy and vortexes (more on these later) a lot longer and later than we anticipated. Note: The 1.3 mile loop at Airport Rock? Yea, we think there is a time vortex. It took us forever and we were exhausted by the time nightfall hit, our phones (also flashlights) were dead and the critters (like bats, seemingly human-flesh-hungry dragon flies, and tarantulas) started coming out.

And then New Mexico was charming. . .

And now? Well, now we’re super much behind schedule and working in the truck. (Work. Something we forgot to incorporate into our driving time calculations.)

Photos to come. Figuring that what’s going to happen is I’m going to post little updates like this here and there and then make actual story-like, image-rich posts when I return home or if on the road I find some of this magical elusive thing called time.

PS: Thanks to all the mysterious road angels (aka strangers) who keep gifting us freebies like 10 lb. bags of ice, $5 parking fees waived, free truck stop showers (it’s innocent, I swear!) and found dollar bills. We really like that. Feel free to keep it comin’!


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