About The RAMBLE | Woman

I began The RAMBLE — a travel blog– back in January, planning to grow it into my own unique little publication thing. Yet as I’ve shared the vision with friends and family I’ve been encouraged to share not only travel-related writings, but some of my innermost heart pourings shared in conversation. It’s been somewhat of a calling but the blog didn’t feel like quite the right venue.

The RAMBLE is all about self-discovery through travel. It’s about what I come into contact with inwardly and outwardly as a journalist while traveling, preparing to travel, or dreaming about travel. It’s about beginning a travel blog and the frustrations and manifestation that go along with it.

And while love, then marriage, then tons of babies will hopefully become a large part of the publication and it’s content, those three things are dreams all on their own. Dreams I’d like to ramble about and share with you in a poetic and creative way, just in a venue I feel is less exploitative of hearts and minds that come for one thing only to be shown another.

Et, voila! The RAMBLE | Woman was born.

Here, we’ll dream. Oh, will we dream! We’ll stand peering over tall cliffs, immobile with fear. We’ll get bruised rafting white water emotions. But the color in the words will be pretty.

I hope you’ll enjoy the (w0)man behind the curtain.


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