Backyard Safari: Grace Found in Coffee

Have you ever woken up and wished you could be someone else? Just rolled outta bed and wanted a do-over? Maybe you wanted to be that person you were being in your dream–more confident, perhaps more vulnerable and tender.

Today was one of those days.

I have a routine I like to enjoy in the mornings. But this morning, that routine wasn’t going to cut it. I was angst-y. My emotions were crawling all over my skin. My mind was on a too-fast merry-go-round straight from the start.

On a quest for stillness, I got dressed immediately and went for a walk, shaking up my “route” as is customary of a backyard safari.

Instead of sitting where I normally would to get my bearings–on a hill overlooking the sea– I went to another portion of the same park and took shelter beneath the dancing sunlight flowing through branches and leaves. I grounded myself as best I could before brushing off the dead grass and heading to treat myself to the iced coffee I wanted.

That’s the turning point. I went in and ordered my coffee. I asked for what I really wanted even though I knew I was being a pain–the most complicated coffee order I’d ever put in at Starbucks (low-carb perfection). When they called out the order, it sounded like a witch’s spell, and the order scrawled along the boxes looked rather like it as well. What’s more, when I gave my name, the wrong one was printed onto the cup.

I became Grace for the day, and immediately the whole thing turned around.

It sounds weird, but I decided to embrace Grace for a few minutes. Who would she be? She wouldn’t be that insecure person, or the one holding on too tight. She wouldn’t have the past to cause those things–she was born just seconds ago from the print on a coffee cup. Grace would be someone who, like her name suggests, would give unmerited favor and blessings. And she’d do it in a way that was elegant.

It was like a calling from the Universe or God–however you know that ultimate presence bigger than us–to behave in the way I most enjoy myself–gracefully, with positivity, with ease instead of resistance. All from a varied path and a little imagination.

Wherever you go today, backyard safari or red-eye flight, may you go with grace.


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