36 “States” in 30 Days or Less

You could say it started when my mom and I decided that our Pacific Northwest trips had become a bit tried and true after truck camping down the Washington coast from Cape Flattery (the Northwestern-most point of the contiguous United States) toward California in the winter. But that wouldn’t be true.

You could say it began 20 years ago when a young me, more interested in daydreams than school, told her mom that she wanted to take a road trip to Quebec if she got all above B’s on her next report card. That would be truer.

But really I think the plan for a trip like this begins at the first moment when the traveler’s soul is awakened. For me, that means the planning for this trip started when I was 5, on my very first road trip.

This mammoth trip of dreams is happening in just under a month. Who has recommendations for us to consider? Hiking, random sites, must-try craft breweries, even a couch to sleep on in New Orleans. . .


Documenting the planning process starts now!


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