Photojournalism: Fack! no. 1

Remember those lens scratches I mentioned having to edit out each shoot in my last post? No? Well there you go.

I have a few little lens scratches on the standard lens that came with my Sony A200 D-SLR a decade ago. I didn’t take care of the camera as I should have. I never even had a camera bag for it. Dumb.

Anyway, turns out that scratch causes big problems in sunlight. Whereas I kinda like lens flares, it turns out that photojournalists and photo lovers don’t and won’t use them for publication.

It also just so happens that I plan to be in sunlight and the outdoors a lot and would like for my pretty pictures to be published.

It’s such an issue that my professor now recommends I check out a camera for the rest of the semester’s assignments.

So, I need a new lens. Lenses are not cheap. I am.

No, not really. Champagne taste, water pocketbook. *sigh*

Anyway, here are two images I took as an assignment to submit photos for display as a part of something called “Taste of USC” and which will likely not be selected. Moral of the story: Love, love, love your lenses.

A Trojan studies near a statue of USC’s true mascot, Traveler the horse. 

ISO| 3200      f-stop| f/16     shutter speed| 1/1000 sec.

Problems: grain due to too-high ISO; lens flare due to lens scratch.

I remembered to adjust the ISO but my camera sometimes moves a little slower in terms of listening to commands. So, while I had moved it up to 100 ISO, it actually went past that all the way to the bottom of the list again, selecting 3200.

I walked around shooting on similar settings, wondering why I was having to keep adjusting my settings so drastically before I finally hit the ISO button on accident and saw where it was at. After adjustment, all fell into place.

A Trojan gets by with a little help from her friends in front of USC’s new Wallis Annenberg Hall.

ISO| 100      f-stop| f/16      shutter speed| 1/1000

No grain. Just flare.

Today we head to the L.A. Times to check out the photojournalism department. More from that soon.


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