Photojournalism: Assignment 4

Assigned to play with natural lighting indoors and out to get some good shots I’ve found that, to my dismay, I have not become an expert overnight. Speaking with a friend who had some kinds words to say about my photography and going through this course right now, I decided to show some of the first takes in which I struggle with the manual camera options, ones images that are close to just right, those that I adjust a teensy to make natural, and others that I manipulate quite a bit to get the look I want.

I’m more a good photo composer and an editor than I am an all around photographer. We’ll get there. For now–here’s my progress.

*note: I also just demonstrated that sometimes, as a new blogger, I post blogs without much thought, in a rush, and thus need to edit later.

As you can see, my settings were off (f-stop too low; shutter speed to slow, catching movement when ultimately I wanted my subject to come across frozen). You can also see in these original versions that my lens has a scratch or two.

Adjusted the f-stop but the shutter speed was a little too quick. Made slight adjustments to exposure in editing.

Different lighting situation and she asked us to freeze her movements in low-lighting. Here are some of the attempts. The lighting is about accurate.

  1. As the camera captured it. 2. Adjustment to exposure only. 3. Adjustment of exposure; manipulation of shadows, whites, blacks; clarity maxed out and saturation reduced completely.

A couple just right–save for some saturation play.

So there you have it. Tons to improve. Lots I can do with photoshop. Now you can see why I’m a better photo composer and editor than I am the actual “photographer.” I’m still working on the science and math behind it all (not an artist’s strongest suits).


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