The Ramble | Mission


verb  ram·ble  \ˈram-bəl\

: to walk or go from one place to another place without a specific goal, purpose, or direction
: to go from one subject to another without any clear purpose or direction

All I know is that I want to travel, I want to write, and I want to take pretty pictures.

So, you gotta start somewhere and that somewhere for me is here at The Ramble.

But what is the ramble? A place to—well—ramble! Mostly about travel or starting a travel blog.

This is a blog for the rambler’s spirit. The ones who wander in words, thought and body; the ones who dabble; passioneers of everything, experts of little.

The RAMBLE blog is a space created to facilitate vulnerability in sharing the exploration of all subjects. It was created to document the process of building a blog, a readership, and constructing a life of creativity, adventure, and expression with a no holds barred approach to the real thoughts and emotions behind doing so.

Currently, it exists as a place of freedom to try new things, and a space in which to measure growth.  From personal accounts of learning about cooking, food and nutrition, wellness of body, mind and spirit, travel, travel blogging and all the skills necessary to create top-of-the-line work, to photography, urban exploration, journalism and the people who do it all.

One day it’ll expand into a publication focused on lower-maintenance travel, and finding experiential luxury on a budget whether that’s in your home, your town, or somewhere you’ve never been.

For now, it’s here and so are you. So take a gander and RAMBLE on.


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