$33 and a train ride


Part of the magical experience of travel for me is the opportunity to sip on a new paradigm.

A few days ago I had the mindset that I couldn’t travel. I was too broke. My school schedule was too restrictive. My remaining classes and mounting loans wouldn’t permit for a semester abroad. I couldn’t justify a summer semester. I should work during the summer.

All simply a mindset.

It hit me. Los Angeles county alone has so much to offer, nonetheless the region of Southern California. Why should I allow my experience with traveling throughout the diverse area that I call home be any different than any other type of travel?

Today I took a train down to Long Beach, my summer home (ok, so I live with mommy dearest [aka best friend] between academic years). This space is familiar so at first I’m hard pressed to come up with something that qualifies as travel by my own definition of offering a new experience. But it’s there all the same.

What I took from today’s travels is that there is a piece of myself to uncover in every local voyage. As I gazed at the sunset over dinner and drinks tonight, I realized how my life has changed.

I used to loathe the industrial cranes in the Port of Los Angeles for polluting the bottom of our beautiful sunsets and today I am not sure of how I’d feel without them. I used to crave fully natural spaces, disappointed when modern amenities interrupted my scenery. But I’ve come to appreciate the intrusion of one upon the other.

Today my travels reminded me that where I used to see black and white, I now see gray. And that’s a truly beautiful thing.


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