$37 and a travel blog.

How do you start a career as a full-time travel blogger when you’re a super broke college student with no chance of going abroad?

I figure it’s next to impossible to be a traveler without a sense of adventure, and surely there’s no better way to practice being a world wanderer than by putting my feet to concrete and taking the first steps.

Brooke Saward said it wasn’t that hard. Well, to go from dreaming of traveling ’round the world full-time, taking amazing photos and not starving in the meantime, to actually doing it. (Granted she didn’t say anything about college or its aftermath of student loans).

Anyhoo. . . here I am and what’ve I got? Thirty-seven dollars and a travel blog.

Yip! I’ve registered my domain (therambleblog.com), which means that after Christmas spending and a few days before the next paycheck, I have less than $50 to my name with the nagging temptation of spending $13 more to map that domain here. Alas that will have to wait ’til pay day. Food things.

But, how does one travel blog with virtually no money and a college student’s schedule? We shall see.

The journey to hone my craft, build a readership (pretty please?) and build a dream begins here.

I’ll explore my surroundings as if I do not live in this smoggy little town called Los Angeles. On the days USC Annenberg has me trapped between four walls, I’ll write a reverie or reflect on trips from the past. On the days I am sent into the field, I will do my best to share some work.

You’ll read L.A., see it in motion, hear its words. Whatever I can give you, I will.

And then hopefully one day not long from now, I’ll give you all much more from lands far, far away.

Welcome aboard!


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