To A Lover Not Yet Returned

I miss you. The way our faces stack as we lie on our sides, not yet ready to leave the warmth of each other's bodies; the scent of the oils gathered in the crease of your nose, your neck. I would like to nestle there.


Dichotomies of a Beginner Cyclist’s Mind

Do I want a car? I just chose not to have one for financial, environmental, and personal goals' sake. I am attached to the idea of becoming a cyclist and pedestrian. But...

Marisa of the Somewhere Somenames

The biggest takeaway from the soil of my still-living ancestors, however, is the example of who I can be and what I can create. With just a little work—a little more reaching out, I could be a family oriented woman with strong ties to anyone perched on a branch of my own or even a neighboring family tree--much like the Kelly, Johnson, or especially the Kirby women.